Monthly Archives: April 2014

World Bench and Welsh champs

Here we go Guys the latest update on what has gone on. IPF World Masters Bench Press. This was an interesting one not being a bench only guy I found this very different. It was a great experience and to place 2nd in the class I was happy with and despite a go at the win it was not to be on this occasion. I have a short clip off the lifts and I would also like to say a Big Thanks to all the Guys UP NORTH who made this event possible. As Always Jim and Fred do a great job.

Next up then we have the Welsh GBPF championships where I lifted raw, with the record change it was a good place to have a go at the raw records and after a record squat things seemed to be going in the right direction. However I messed up on the bench with my jump and it put things way off target. I did have a go at the Masters Deadlift record and failed 241 quite close to the top my grip just felt soft and today it was not meant to be, I did however do 240 in the squat so that knocked the record up quite a bit and is actually 10Kgs over the World standard record at the moment. My final lifts were 240/150/235 for 625@74Kgs

As always I would like to say a Big Thanks to my Sponsors NRG FUEL for their help and to TITAN SUPPORT for the kit they give me. Without people like this behind me it would make the whole thing a lot harder.

Bench session 2 weeks out from the World’s

Right guys, it is not long now till the IPF world bench press kicks off and despite not feeling the best I have been my bench is going ok. Here is a few weeks left to get into comp shape and see what happens on the next few session that I have left. Today’s one I went up to 195Kgs for 2 sets of 2 with a loose shirt on, I am going to put on my comp shirt for the next session and then leave it for the day, there will be some light speed work left to do also and then all down to the day. It is strange for me not to do an International on the bench. Not too sure maybe I will squat in the warm up room first lol.
Anyways here id the link to the lifters that are entered for the comp. Looks like I got a fight on my hands and if I am honest that sounds good to me.
Here is today’s video of the session