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Gym Talk Interview

Here is a link i did for a web site called Gym talk about my lifting, thanks to the guys for the opportunity to do the interview.

218Kg Bench at the Nationals

Hi Guys Well here we are after the National Bench press and pleased with my lifting. Not quite the lifts I planned but happy anyway. Quick run down the lifts went 210Kgs, 218Kgs for a British open and masters record then a go at 222.5Kgs. that last one was a bit of an ego ,lift […]

GBPF Bench 2014 last session before the comp

Here we are the week now of the GBPF Bench championships. Things have gone ok with the build up towards the weekend last night I had to do my last heavy session. I would have liked to do it before then but with life and family commitments I was unable to do so. Last night […]