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GBPF Masters 2013


Here we are a few days after the GBPF Master Championships and time to reflect on what went on and what I need to do from here on in. For those of you who won’t know my lifts were 300Kg Squat 215KG Bench and a 260Kg Deadlift. 775Kg Total, a new open and Masters 1 Total record. In fact it was an unofficial European masters 1 total record also.
Only missing my opening Squat of 285Kgs I found that my fitness was really bad at this comp in fact it was worse than ever I found it almost impossible to breath whilst squatting. After retaking my opener I almost decided to pass on a third attempt Squat,Not putting my suit up in the warm ups made a big difference this time and i was all out of line when i did my 1st attempt that was the reason for the step forward on the way up with it. Onto the Bench and I was a much better performance and 3 good bench’s set me up for a shot at the total record. My biggest surprise was the pull on 260Kgs it felt great and I was fired up ready to try a weight I had failed a few times before. This time it was a success and for me was the highlight of the day.

So what is next well I think a few days off training and then start to look at the European Masters Championships in July.

GBPF Masters final weeks traininig

Well here we are at the end of the build-up to the masters, I think it is fair to say that it has been a bit different this build up. Firstly there was the change in knee wraps and let’s hope they feel as good on comp day as they have done in training.
The last week was not as planned I picked up a virus of some sort and managed to get most of what I wanted to do but not in the volume that I would have liked. I suppose now it is all down to comp day and how see how it all pans out there. Not having lifted at the Northampton venue before I am looking forward to it and hope that all comes good on the day. I seem to be over the virus and what with resting up now to the day I just have to drop a few pounds towards the comp this weekend.

Bear Strength

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Aprils Training

Here it is a bit late sorry about that guys, life has been manic the last few weeks what with work and house life it has not stopped.
I have finally sorted out my Flip video and now have some clips from last week’s sessions, I was unable to get the heavy squats in but the weight was 262Kgs for 2 sets of 2. Bench I am now up to 185Kgs and deadlift was 220Kgs. My bicep scare is seaming ok now and I am happy to say I am not worries about it going again, for a while I thought it was about to go but now I am confident it is ok. It is just under 3 weeks away to the National Masters and I feel ok, Bodyweight is very good and I am happy with the way it is going. This week I plan on using some suits to deadlift and squat in. Bench is still a loose shirt for now.