Monthly Archives: March 2013

Titan and the GBPF Master’s

Titan sent me some new warm ups this week so a Big Thank you to them for that.

So what’s new then? Well invites are now out for the British Masters and myself and Rod Hypolight are going head to head at this event. For those of you who don’t know Rod he is also a master’s lifter like myself and someone who has come up from the junior ranks also like myself. Rod is a great lifter and is strong as an OX we have crossed paths before and I have nothing but respect for him. Let the prep for the war begin…….

GBPF Bench Press 2013

GBPF Bench Press well here is how it all went for me we had a bit of a trip up north and to be honest it was like the old days going to somewhere new and making a full weekend of it. Why others don’t travel is beyond me it is all part of the fun of lifting. A few of us in the car for the road trip soon made the journey less boring
On the say we had a few of the ladies lifting unequipped along with Matthew (Aqua Bear) all lifted well and from what I understand enjoyed. Myself and Peter lifted on the Sunday in the Equipped event. My warm ups went well and I had decided to open higher than I normally would have done and posted a 210 opener. It took me 2 goes to get it but then I move up to 217.5Kgs for a shot at the British Open and master record. This was a success and a much better lift. I got a few clips of the lifting.

Well done to all who made this weekend a great time and a big well done to the welsh lifters who made the trip, even with low numbers you all did well guys. Thanks go out also to Jim and the Crew up in Ashington for the effort and the tireless work that goes into running events.
Once again I would like to thank my sponsors NRG Fuel and Titan Support systems, Best supplements and Powerlifting kit around. Next up for me is the British Masters where I have stiff competition so it is back to the gym and time to get focused on the next challenge.

Last Bench before the Nationals 2013

Well that is it for the bench cycle up to the National Bench Press championships.
The end went well and I finished up on a PB with a double on 210kgs so I am well pleased with the final session and looking forward to the event this weekend coming. For any of you wanting to watch the comp you can click on the link below for a live feed.

Also we got my last bench session filmed well the top sets only.

With regards to the other lifts I am still building up towards the British Masters in April. I have however changed a few things around with the deadlift and decided to go back to my original program. Now nowing my arch rival Mr Hypolight is now coming gunning for me at the masters I need to be on full form and firing on all cylinders.