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Signature Wraps From Titan Support Systems

Signature wraps

Right guys just to let you all know I am now in possession of the Revamped Signature series wrap from Titan. At first feel they are similar to the THP wraps but they do have more pull and they are not as rigid. Since they turned up after squats this week I have not used them to squat yet (that will be Monday now). However I did use the wrist wraps last night to bench and they felt solid. I will let you all know how they feel after squats next Monday, if the try out I had in the house is anything to go by then they will be a good wrap and another Quality product from Titan.

Blood vestle

Hey guys just a bit of an update on the last weeks training. We are now back on course and focused towards the planned events for the first part of the year. I did have a bit of a scare last week with the Bicep, I felt a slight pull and was not too sure all I know was it was not like the time it went this was actually quite painful. However after doing some deadlifts tonight I now feel better with it and can restart the deadlift program now towards the GBPF Masters in April
The bench went well this week and a despite not going to max I blew the blood vessels under both eyes, the weight was 187.5Kgs for 3 sets of 2 all paused with a loose bench shirt on. My bodyweight is looking good.

Think next week I will get some videos for you guys and I also hope to have some of the new Titan Signature series knee wraps, I can let you all know how they feel

Back in the Shirt

Well it has been a while since I last posted what was going on. I have been hitting the bench hard for the forthcoming National Bench press in March. I did 4weeks worth of raw benching under the “Horncastle Way”. I have now reverted back to shirted bench and have had a couple of sessions in it, the first was 172 for 5 sets of 2 then this week it was 182 for the same. I have o sat my upped body seems like it had been beaten the last few sessions so that means I am working hard, On my speed day I am still doing the bands to get the body used to exploding the weights from the chest, this session is not about the weight it is about moving the weight FAST`.
I will try to get a few Clips sorted this week and posted. With regards to the other lifts I am now on full training cycle for the British Masters and I am fully focused on having a good comp, I have spent some time planning out my year ahead and hopefully the first 6 months will go to plan, I won’t say too much after all I don’t want to jinx myself