Monthly Archives: December 2012

I am Back

I am now back guys and girls, well it is good to be back in the gym and back to a bit of normality. I am going to start a slow build up for the year ahead. At this point I don’t know what my Comps are going to be but there is time for that and I hope to plan the year ahead better. The reflection from the year gone past is ok the tally up of records are 5 British, 12 Commonwealth, 3 European and 2 World Records. Western European Cup champion, and British National champion.
I was hoping to get to the Arnold but it just looks like it will still be a dream for a while yet. So for now I am going to start some foundation work and then get into kit slowly after the festive season when I have a better idea of what comps I will be competing at. Training raw is a thing I think is a good idea for myself and gives me a base on to what I can plan my Kitted training on. Who knows I may even do a raw comp during the year and see how that goes for a change?