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Four Nations

Well it is a bit late but here Is the update from the last few weeks, Four Nations went well as a comp but I will say I was a bit disappointed with my Performance, having the worse days lifting for some time I only managed 5 lifts on the day. I totalled 740Kgs with […]

Last Week Before the Four Nations

Well Guys here we are a week away from the Four Nations. For me thing have not gone great towards this Comp but I will say in the last week things are looking better than they have done. I did my last heavy squat session last night and the others will follow soon also and […]

Sickness and Training

It has been a while so I thought it would be best to update you on what has gone on. I think this must be the worse build up I have had for any comp I have done to date. Sickness and other horrible issues have made it hard to get some form of training […]