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Four Nations

Here is a quick update on how things are going with the build up towards the Four Nations. Last Week I had a small issue with my IT band and it stopped me squatting for a while I am now pleased to say it is now ok. This week I also decided to have a go at some front squats, the last time I tried these was a long time ago and I found that after the Bicep op I was unable to hold the bar like I used to and decided to pass on them for the future and stick with my Safety squat bar instead. Last week I also had a play with my bench shirt and had a go at a 220Kg bench it was close but still a fail. So now the leg seems ok I would like to think it has not set me back to much on my build up.

Also for any of you interested the IPF Worlds are going on now and can be watched online live at

Training for Four Nations

I just thought I would update you guys to what has happened in the last week.  We are now back training towards the Four Nations next month. Things are going ok however I did have some sort of pull on my thigh last Friday, the IT band was sore and I decided to cut the squat session back in order to make sure there was no problem towards the comp. Last thing I need is a pull and not be able to lift to my potential whilst representing Wales.

The main aim this week was to get back into full training and hit the assistance also now for the next few weeks, whilst I am keeping the main lifts back a bit I will hit the assistance hard and work on some problem areas I have. I don’t want any week links in the armor so now is the time to work them out.


Back on Track and the Four Nations

Well I year being held in wales. I am going to take this build up a bit different now because of the time am now back in to training now after the Western European Cup, Next on the agenda is the Four Nations this scale I have to get ready for it. Going to work up in weights and not use much kit at all I think I will just put it on for the comp day then and unleash hell. The ideas is to work up to about 80% in the next few weeks and also start some cardio to help with the recovery process.

So for any of you local guys and girls why not come along to see the Four Nations and check out the lifting. I have been told it is going to be a great show the guy behind it has worked really well and has pulled in some big sponsor ship and has done himself Proud A big Thank you to Rob Thomas for all your hard work in hosting this  event


Here is the link for the web site for the Four Nations



Wester European Cup

Here is the run down from the Western European Cup last Friday. Having had no real issues with bodyweight this time and training that little bit heavier in the gym than normal. At the comp I weighed in at 73.6Kgs. Opening on 300Kg on the squat we went to the World and European record of 310Kgs. Being pleased with this I attempted a 317.5Kg lift but with a few issues with the racks and maybe just a bit too heavier for the day I failed it. Onto the bench next I did 3 good lifts ending on a Western European Cup Record of 215Kgs and also a national record in Great Britain. The first Deadlilft was enough to give me the European Total record of 767.5Kgs on my second attempt I dropped 252.5Kgs at lock out and with a change about we put the weight up to 260 for a shot at the World total Record. This day it was just a bit too heavy

I would like to thank my sponsors for helping me with all aspects on the training and for the help I have received from NRG Fuel with my supplements and also to Titan Support systems for the best Powerlifting kit about.