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Western European Cup 2012

Well here we are just about to leave for the airport, so having had a good end to the buil;d up all that is left to do now is to compete and hope that the proof is in the pudding so to speak So with the modern technology any of you who wish to watch […]

last weeks training for WEC 2012

Well here we are I have just done the final session of my build up towards this year’s Western European Cup.  I think it is fair to say I am now fully battered and the next few days rest up to the comp will be welcomed with open arms. The high lights of this week […]

2 Weeks from the WEC 2012

Here we are a only a few weeks away from the Western European Cup, this week’s training has gone ok the squat was not as good as I wanted but it was the first session with a full suit on and it felt a bit strange.  The top set was 285Kgs for 2 sets of […]

3 weeks Training till WEC 2012

Well guys it has been a while now since I updated my blog, so here goes. The last few week I had a drop back week and a sort of deload in the weights nothing too light but I drop back and the weights alter and so do the reps.  I jump back up to […]