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One Week Closer

Here we are another weeks training done and getting closer to the Western Europeans in September. It has been a great week and I have to say I have hit some PB’s this week.  For a change I did some squats and benches with a few of the guys down Burns Gym. The squats were […]

5 Weeks to go

Here we are just over a month till the Western European Cup.  In the next few weeks I am going to get a few video from the weeks highlights. I am now back to full training mode back with a vengeance after the Welsh Counties. I did a few sessions last week to keep myself […]

Welsh Counties 2012

It has been a while but here is the update from the last weeks training and the Welsh Counties at the weekend.  Training has been going well and I decided to do a local comp to test my new kit from Titan. I did not want to push it too hard as my main event […]

New Bench Press Shirt

Well guys just in time for tonight’s bench session i have had my new Shirt from TITAN This will be fun