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New T Shirt

Sorry for the delay in posting on the blog I have had a mad end to last week, what with a busy week and then having to travel down south for a family function it has been nonstop.  Things are going all as planned and to the weights set out in my schedule. The lifts […]

Week #2 build up

Another weeks training done and things are all going to plan, I am really enjoying the sessions and the change implemented on this build up. Changing the days around has given a whole new feeling to the weeks plan. For now it is minimal kit and as the next few weeks go I will add […]

Here we go and Strongman weekend

What a week it has been back training full time and to a program for the Western Europeans in September. Changing a few things about and trying a few different exercises has been a good start to the program. The basic template is the same but there has been a change and some variety in […]

The Start of the Build up for “WEC”

Morning guys, what a wet week it has been great weather if you’re a fish I suppose.  The last few weeks have been a bit of a mess around training for me till I start my program on Monday. I have had a go at a few raw singles to see what I could do […]