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New T Shirt

Sorry for the delay in posting on the blog I have had a mad end to last week, what with a busy week and then having to travel down south for a family function it has been nonstop.  Things are going all as planned and to the weights set out in my schedule. The lifts for this week were Squat 230Kgs, Bench is still well down and was 155Kgs deadlift was 192Kgs. Again multiple sets and reps as planned.  I would also like to say a big THANK YOU to Gorilla Sports for the T-shirt. If you get 5 mins check out their site

Week #2 build up

Another weeks training done and things are all going to plan, I am really enjoying the sessions and the change implemented on this build up. Changing the days around has given a whole new feeling to the weeks plan. For now it is minimal kit and as the next few weeks go I will add some bits. I am going to do the build up mainly for the Western Europeans, however I am going to do a local comp in August along with a few of the guys from the gym where I am training. I am going to be able to try out my new squat suit at that event and hopefully the alterations will be spot on.

The weights for this week were Squat 222.5kgs Bench 150kgs and the Deadlift was 185kgs

Here we go and Strongman weekend

What a week it has been back training full time and to a program for the Western Europeans in September. Changing a few things about and trying a few different exercises has been a good start to the program. The basic template is the same but there has been a change and some variety in the assistance lifts . This week we used some bands and a few chains to add to the fun and change the sessions around, both add something different to each lift and make you work a bit harder while you do them.

The main lifts this week were SQ  215 BP 145 DL 180. They were done with a few reps and a few sets on each lift. Four days training and in the morning was different to say the least Mon/Tue then Thurs/Fri.  It has been nice to have the weekend off, and days in the week to get the training done without going down over the weekend. In a few weeks I will get some videos done from the week and upload them onto my you tube page, at the moment there is nothing really worth watching.  This weekend is Celtic Carnage and for any of you interested there is a weekend of Strongman and MMA Who knows maybe next time they will hold some Powerlifting along with the strongman , check out their website check out the web site for more info and the details of the weekend. I am going to be down there with my Sponsors NRG FUEL. They are sponsoring the event and have some of their top class athletes down at the stall. Body builders Gary Linster and Martin Stevenson will be there, both monsters if you ask me, And also Rebecca Williamson a former Miss Britian will be part of “TEAM NRG FUEL”

The Start of the Build up for “WEC”

Morning guys, what a wet week it has been great weather if you’re a fish I suppose.  The last few weeks have been a bit of a mess around training for me till I start my program on Monday. I have had a go at a few raw singles to see what I could do if I was inclined to have ago at the raw comps I was surprised at a few of the lifts and although I do train without kit I don’t really max on anything in the gym and that sort of goes for with kit also, I just don’t see the point of lifting to max in the gym. For me that is what a comp is for. We have had some great news this week also regarding the four Home nations Wales are now holding the event and it is going to be held in Newport. Well done to Rob Thomas for all he has done in his quest to get this event up and running the web site for it is

With regards to myself I have now sorted out a build up and will be starting it on Monday, it is mainly focused towards the Western European championships in September however I will be doing a local comp in August. I have changed a few things around that I was not happy with on the last build up and hopefully this time I will be totally injury free and able to get a good result out at the September comp.  the basic template is going to be the same I am however changing the days I do things on and adding a few things back in that I know give me the results I want. With regards to my supplementation I am going to be using TTP Anabolic by NrgFuel, some 100% whey and the good old Bcca and Glutamine for recovery. Maybe even some NO2max to get me through those hard sessions