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Injury Update

Hi Guys, sorry it has been a while since the last entry, I have rested up a bit since the Europeans and the injury. It now seems that is a tear on the Trap rather than the rumboid. I am having treatment now and it now seems to be a lot better than it was […]


Well here we are now the Europeans has come and gone and is all but a memory. i am undergoing  treatment for the injury and it does seem to be getting better. It is still sore and now with some MAN flu to go with it i am a bit under the weather. I have […]

World record Squat 307.5Kgs

European Results and World record squat

Here is the run down from last week’s Europeans. Well after a long journey to the Ukraine and a very long days travelling I arrived at my hotel some 18 hours later. There was not time on the Wednesday for hanging around it was more or less up and get down there. The trip and […]

Live stream for the Europeans

For any of you guys who would like to keep up with the action from the European Open in the Ukraine. Well here is the link for the live feed I myself will be lifting on wed afternoon 3.30pm

Last week’s Training before the Europeans

Well that is the training all wound up for the Europeans in the Ukraine next week, All I can say it has been a funny sort of week and the breakdown is Squat comp suit and wraps did a good 280Kgs then had issues with 300Kgs I was unable to set it up and had […]