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Fools Day Bench Press


A week now since the masters and it is back to the program for the forthcoming Europeans.  For any of you guys who are in the Swansea area we are holding a fun day Bench Pres in my local Pub. The aim is to have some fun and help to raise some funds for the forthcoming Europeans.

We have had some great pries donated for a raffle and they are very much appreciated, Strength Shop has donated some of their bits along with Maxi Raw. We also have a signed Wales rugby Jersey to be auctioned off, for those who have helped out then THANK YOU so much Please see the photo and you will see some of the great things on offer. The comp will take place at 2.00pm Sunday at the Globe Inn, in Landore, Swansea.  Some of the guys from the gym are now involved and there is going to be some great banter going on with these guys. Who knows the fools Day bench press could become a bigger and more regular thing

British Bench Press Record 212.5kgs

Well here we are back from my debut as a Master lifter. It was good to see a few people at the master I have not seem for a while and catch up with some familiar faces

For myself my decided to do a token squat of 240kgs and 255kg in knee wraps only. The bench has been going good after a 200kg opener I went to 207kg and then onto 212.5kgs, both of these were British open and master’s records in the 74kg bodyweight class. Onto the deadlift and with a 235kg opener I made another 2 good attempts and went onto finish with a personnel best lift of 255kgs

Here are the videos from the lifting please excuse they are a bit mixed up I was still half asleep when I did it. Well done to the others who lifted and it was good to see some familiar faces and catch up with good friends

I would like to thank the guys who help me out and firstly to Pedro for the filming and help in the warm up room. The sponsors, who are NRG Fuel and Titan Support systems. Robert Doyle for his healing hands and keeping my body together. Thanks for your support Guys

British Masters 2012

Here we are the week of the British masters. For me I am going along to show my face and have my first outing at the masters. The main reason or this would be for selection for the squad going for the world masters later on this year. I am leaving my options open after all both the world masters and open are in America and it will come down to the costing for each trio as to which one I go to. I have been pushing my bench hard for the last few weeks and what with blowing the blood vessels in my eye last week it is fair to say there has been some hard work done. My body weight is now up to 77kgs and I feel quite good at this weight and not a fat as I would expect to normally be. Like I said the masters I am going to lift but I won’t be pushing the squat and deadlift. I may go all out on the bench it will depend how things feel on the day. The main reason for this is that I am building up for the Europeans in May and that is the main focus.

On the training front things are going to plan. The last squat session I went up to 240 for 3 sets of 3 in old knee wraps. The Deadlift was 200 for 4 sets of 3.  So on that side I am going to plan and happy with it. I have still when I can do the split sessions and even though I am doing the main part if the session later in the day I do find it a lot harder to do than normal. I can’t make up my mind whether it is a good idea or not.

Master’s and Pub Comp

Here we are now almost another week over with, it has been good so far it now looks like the Europeans are sorted booked up, Now got to get focused towards may and hopefully a few personnel bests at the event. This year it is being held in the Ukraine, it has been a while since I went there so I am looking forward to that also. Not quite behind the iron curtain but close enough. Next week it is the British Masters so if any of you are up Coventry way and want to watch some lifting there is a weekend full of it, Masters and Junior’s

Myself I am going along to qualify for the Masters worlds later in the year it will be good to lift but the main focus will be the Europeans that is where the training is heading towards.

For any of you who are in the Swansea area on April fool’s day we are going to have a Bench Press Comp in the Globe Inn, landore Swansea. The main thing is that we have a bit of fun and get the lifters to have a change of venue and some fun and a few beers after it. There will be prizes and a raffle and hope fully a full house to watch the lifting and cheer the guys on, There will be more details to follow on that as we get a bit closer to the date.

Training Update


Guys, here is a bit of an update on how things are going. For the last few weeks I have been able to split some of the sessions up and have found this is going ok and I have been able to do some of the assistance work in the earlier session when I am still half asleep in the morning and then when I come back in the evening time I am refreshed to do the main part of my training.  Although it is not a regular thing it seems possible to fit it in sometime in my weekly training maybe two times on some weeks.  I think on the whole it is all going to plan and although the Europeans are some weeks away I feel like things are going in the right direction.  I think I have mentioned I have changed a few things around and they seem to be going ok I am feeling fresh during the sessions and hope that a bit less volume will help more so in the last part of the build up for the comp.

There is only a few weeks away now till the British masters Championships and I am going to make my first appearance as a master and although I am not going to go to the max I would like to show my face and support the Masters section.

March’s Log

Almost another week over and I have now finally started a build up for the Europeans. I have set myself some realistic targets for the comp and I will have to train out of my comfort zone. I have adjusted my original program to reflect this and I have taken the advice of a trusted friend. There are going to be a few new things incorporated into the build up and even some split sessions. Now I have some free time during the days it makes sense to use it to the best of my ability.  I hope to use the split sessions to make the main work the full focus of the main session of the day and the split will be the assistance one. I have spoken to Titan and there is going to be some new Kit for the Europeans and we have changed a few of the fits in order to get the max out of my equipment. On the supplement side of things I have had a few new products from NRG FUEL and I am going to use them also during the buildup. For any of you who are interested I am also able to help you out with that.

With regards to my training there has been a change around on what days I do things and in the order I will now be doing them. I am going to drop some of my original work load and up the training weights and hope that this will help come the comp day. I have also started some fitness work combined with some ab work in the hope this will all help come the big day.


For any of you who would be interested in watching the Arnold, there is a live stream of the Event here is the link