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Fools Day Bench Press

  A week now since the masters and it is back to the program for the forthcoming Europeans.  For any of you guys who are in the Swansea area we are holding a fun day Bench Pres in my local Pub. The aim is to have some fun and help to raise some funds for […]

British Bench Press Record 212.5kgs

Well here we are back from my debut as a Master lifter. It was good to see a few people at the master I have not seem for a while and catch up with some familiar faces For myself my decided to do a token squat of 240kgs and 255kg in knee wraps only. The […]

British Masters 2012

Here we are the week of the British masters. For me I am going along to show my face and have my first outing at the masters. The main reason or this would be for selection for the squad going for the world masters later on this year. I am leaving my options open after […]

Master’s and Pub Comp

Here we are now almost another week over with, it has been good so far it now looks like the Europeans are sorted booked up, Now got to get focused towards may and hopefully a few personnel bests at the event. This year it is being held in the Ukraine, it has been a while […]

Training Update

  Guys, here is a bit of an update on how things are going. For the last few weeks I have been able to split some of the sessions up and have found this is going ok and I have been able to do some of the assistance work in the earlier session when I […]


I have now uploaded some photos for you guys to have a look at if you wish

March’s Log

Almost another week over and I have now finally started a build up for the Europeans. I have set myself some realistic targets for the comp and I will have to train out of my comfort zone. I have adjusted my original program to reflect this and I have taken the advice of a trusted […]