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Update 21/02/12


Here is a bit of an update for you guys, now that there are cops on the horizon it is time to start to vamp up the training in preparation for the forthcoming Europeans Championships in May. I have decided to change a few aspects of my build up and I am looking forward to the change and to see if it makes a difference. I tend to do a lot of volume on the main lifts and I am going to drop a bit off and up the main weights used. Other than that there has not been a great deal going on.  The other new is my sponsor Titan Support Systems have redesigned their Super Katana bench shirt and that should be interesting to see what the difference is when you wear it. I have seen a video about it on the internet and it looks good. Hopefully they will have it in full production soon and if I am lucky enough to get one I will let you know how it works for me in the build up towards the Europeans.  Now that my little one is in school during the mornings it is going to free up time for some session to be done in the morning with the guys in the gym. Again with some different people around It has to help me and make a difference with the build up.

Post Training Food

Well here we are a good after training carb up, myself and a few mates have been hitting the gym hard today and we decided to take good advantage of the Dominos Two for Tuesday…

The session went well lots of bench Press from me my svelte buddies Dean and Pete did Abs. myself with a chiseled mid section did not have to do the work they did..



Here we are at the end of another weeks training, it has been a good week and despite the cold weather it was good in the gym, I have been going down in the days where possible. It is funny the morning in the gym are more like a mother meeting all the boys down there and the banter going on. There is nothing much to report on the weight front, they are starting to go up a bit and I am sort of on plan for what I wanted for this month.  The main build up will start soon ready for the Europeans in may, then fingers crossed for a good training cycle and no injuries in the build up. For any of you who are into your supplements then there is a new product on the market NRG have finally brought out a BCCA Glutamine powder. I have used it and it is a great extra supplement to have. Check out the link

It is another great product from them and in all honesty they are really moving forward in the supplement market.  As you will know I am sponsored by them and they are constantly developing their supplement range and out there for the customer.


Hi Guys here we are now at the start of February and we are fast approaching the start of the comps are the year ahead. For myself I had an invite to compete at the Arnold sports festival in March this prestigious event is held every year in Columbus Ohio. I am currently unable to make this now due to some family issues and not having the best of preparation to train for the event. It is a shame but I would like to think that maybe next year I would be asked again and with a bit more time to prepare for it I could make this dream reality. So for the future I would like to think that the Europeans in May would be the next big one and that I am able to focus on breaking a few of the World records. For me the IPF/EPF hold the highest level of competitions and this is why I want to lift with them and compete again the best in the World.  Training is going good now that things have calmed down and I have got t few new ideas that I would like to impend into this training cycle, apart from the bands and chains I am now having a go with some fat grips well all I can say is wow that are a great asset and will hopefully help these small hands of mine get a bit stronger for the big pulls I have planned this year. We all know that I am not the biggest deadlifter around and that if I can help it in anyway then it is a big bonus for me and that has to be beneficial for the overall total. For some of you guys there will be the British bench press up first on the calendar this year I have decided I will not be doing it and focus more on the full Powerlifting later on this year. So for those of you who are going to compete there may I wish you all the best and I will be looking at the results to see just how well you guys did at the comp. If anyone would like to know more about the comp then the info is posted on the GBPF site.