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Hoggy the Pie man

Well a big thanks to the hogster for our post training meal…. hot pies for all the gym boys, well done pal no matter what they say about you your OK in my book

Update 21/02/12

  Here is a bit of an update for you guys, now that there are cops on the horizon it is time to start to vamp up the training in preparation for the forthcoming Europeans Championships in May. I have decided to change a few aspects of my build up and I am looking forward […]

Post Training Food

Well here we are a good after training carb up, myself and a few mates have been hitting the gym hard today and we decided to take good advantage of the Dominos Two for Tuesday… The session went well lots of bench Press from me my svelte buddies Dean and Pete did Abs. myself with […]


Here we are at the end of another weeks training, it has been a good week and despite the cold weather it was good in the gym, I have been going down in the days where possible. It is funny the morning in the gym are more like a mother meeting all the boys down […]


Hi Guys here we are now at the start of February and we are fast approaching the start of the comps are the year ahead. For myself I had an invite to compete at the Arnold sports festival in March this prestigious event is held every year in Columbus Ohio. I am currently unable to […]