2 Weeks from the WEC 2012

Here we are a only a few weeks away from the Western European Cup, this week’s training has gone ok the squat was not as good as I wanted but it was the first session with a full suit on and it felt a bit strange.  The top set was 285Kgs for 2 sets of 2 and they not as planned but hey such is even superman has a off day. It has been a busy week and the other lifts went well the bench was 197.5Kg for 2 sets of 2 also. Deadlift was 235 for the same so they were much better than the squat went.  This weekend is a rest weekend so I hope to catch up on sleep and start to focus toward the last week’s training. I have done a video also for you guys to see, bit of a change of music to this one hope you enjoy

2 thoughts on “2 Weeks from the WEC 2012

  1. Steve

    Hi Phil, I see you are nominated for Masters worlds the week after the WEC, are you doing both?

    1. phil Post author

      Hi Steve, due to work issues i wont be able to make the masters worlds this year it is a shame but there is always next year


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