South Midlands Classic May 2016

My biannual classic comp

Well last weekend I competed at the South Midlands classic comp down in Gosport, England. Fair to say it is completely different to lifting equipped and the whole thing seems to be stress free to a certain extent. Lifting wise I will say the build-up had gone great and whilst my upper body strength is not as good as it should be right now I was pleased with the way everything had gone.

On the day I hit a few PB’s on the squat and deadlift. It was a few years ago I held the classic British deadlift record with 243Kgs and this weekend I did 245kgs with relative ease. The squat again was a massive PB for me with 250Kgs. The overall result was 655Kg total @74. Think that puts me in the mix really with the classic lads and whilst I was unable to break any national records there it is good to know my lifts did exceed them. Who knows maybe another raw comp could be on the cards again this time it could be sooner than the last one before this. For me I love lifting equipped and that is my priority.

So what’s next well the European Masters will be here soon and from now on in it is back to kit in prep for that.  So it is back to the gym and time to focus on some equipped lifting in readiness for a title defence.

Also here is the link for the video from last weekend’s lifting.  Kings never die is the music. Sounds good to me guys

Raw Training

It is about time I updated my blog so here goes. Since the British I have been concentrating on the first part off the build up towards the European Masters in July. I have had a rethink about my teaming and just what I wanted to do. In the last 11 weeks I have focused on a full raw build up to this point and decided to leave the kit alone totally on this phase. It has been a very interesting time and whilst I have always done a fair bit off raw stuff I have really been outside my comfort zone with this. Some off you may be aware I hold the classic Squat record with 240Kgs, this was a weight I had worked up to and not really done any reps over 210Kgs in the past. On my program I set out the sets and reps and wanted to stick as closely to it as possible. It is fair to say the outcome was pleasing for me and I finished on a few singles with 240kgs. Similarly with the bench I was pleased with the outcome and whilst my raw bench does not feel as good as it has done in the past I have ended on a few singles with 160Kgs. The deadlift is always a hard one for me to work out as some days it feels great and I honestly feel I can pull everything I set myself to do. I do tend to find that sometimes the main issue with it for me is I work it a bit too hard in the first part off the build-up and become fatigued with the lift. The end of this cycle was a 240Kgs lift and it felt good and was a working lift. Well what’s next ? I am lifting on the 22nd in a local meet to finish off my raw build up and then make the transition back over to my kit in prep for the Euro’s. I am hopes be the raw build up with help when I get back in to kit and give me a good carry over towards this comp. I really need to get back up to the lifts I want and know I am capable of doing and what’s would be better than doing that whilst I defend my European Masters title. I have done a video with the highlights from the last few weeks’ raw stuff and as always feel free to comment


Wow it has been ages since I updated my blog and sorted out what’s going on with my lifting. Well since the British I have been back to some raw training and concentrating on building up slowly on that before I go back into kit for the Europeans. I have planned out my raw stuff with some realistic weight. I did not feel that setting myself a few unrealistic targets would be beneficial in this part off the build-up. The whole program towards the Europeans is laid out as a 2 part program.  I have an 11 week plan without my kit then I will slowly start to use kit in the next phase off the program as the Europeans come closer.  

The last 7 weeks will I will change things around and focus on the equipped side. Also in July there will be the Welsh championships in Cardiff and that will fall just before the Europeans. This event is important to me because it will be where the selection for the home nations will be taken from. Also this year’s home nations will be held in Wales. Lifting on home ground at a big international is always a great thing to do and a pleasure to represent my home country. 

On another note for anyone who has seen some of the clips that have been posted on social media you may have seen my “squat” t-shirt. The guys at Vice grip have come up with this great idea and have sent me one to try out. Some off you may be aware when I squat the bar rolls on my back this top has helped stop that and is something I will be using when I squat. Check them out on

Vice Grip

British and reflection

Well I have spent the last few days looking back on the last weeks comp and wondering what to make off it. Apart from being crap, in the last week before the comp I had a some unexpected issues with my bodyweight and a unexpected weight loss was needed to make the 74kg class limit.
On the day my warm ups went as planned and I did not feel drained with the dehydration to make the last few pounds. My opening squat off 282Kgs should have been a comfortable opener however I hit the racks on the way down and almost lost my balance. Retaking the lift again and then making my third with 290Kgs was the start off the downfall really, these lifts I have done many a time but today was just not going as I had planned. Again a miss on my opening bench with 205Kgs knocked me back and no where near what I had planned. I ended up with 212.5Kgs and that was about right for the day really.
My deadlifts felt good and making only 2 valid attempts and ending on. 252.5Kgs. Missing my last lift this time and not the first.
The outcome was 755Kgs @74kg bodyweight and a disappointed performance from myself.
There are no excuses for the days lifting other than it was a day that’s things just weren’t there. I had not overtrained, it was not the weight loss either. It was just one off those days you have as a lifter. I have looked at what’s next and where i am going to lift next I don’t want to leave it till the Europeans and do nothing other than train up to then. I have some things in mind and a good comp between now and then will help restore my faith in my lifting.
I have a video from the day feel free to watch it and comment and well laugh at It also if you want.
Thanks again to those who have helped me and been there in all that I do training wise. My sponsors and my better half Michelle who all keep me on the right road and focused towards my ultimate goal.

Sponsors and Training

So the British is only a few short weeks away and it is fair to say things are going ok. My mindset is great and I am focused towards this comp with some targets in mind. As always my training is planned out and has a structure to it however I will say sometimes I have to change things around and adapt to what is going on with life and work. For me this is just a part off everyday life and something that needs to be done. Over that last 8 weeks or so I have planned was his session out and made sure there has been nothing left out. I feel this cycle has been a really good build up for me and I have enjoyed the whole ride so far. Experience tells me what I can and can’t do and what I need to focus on and I have done just that.
My bodyweight has started to come down and I have been keeping up some cardio not just for the weight loss but being a bit fitter helps me recover quicker. My supplement sponsors NRG Fuel have been great as always and I have been keeping topped up with protein day and nightly. I have still been using the anabolic whey and some casein. They have been the main supps I have used for a while now.
With regards to kit I have some new kit from Titan and they are top class when it comes to powerlifting kit. Without the help these companies have given me the whole journey would be made so much harder. Trying my best to be a good ambassador for both company’s is a must for me after all both have supported my for some years now. The least I can do is pass on how good their stuff is and do my little bit to promote their products. Both have a valuable part in the strength training world in their own right.

I have uploaded a clip from this week’s training. It was the first session with a full squat suit and as you who lift in kit will know it was a lovely as it could be. I had a change of venue for the squats and trained with the guys up in Greenock just outside Glasgow where they have their club and fair to say it was a good session and whilst being serious it was full off banter.
My bench I had a slight issue with my fist set and the shirt not being set right so I lost the second rep into the rack. However I did get it sorted for the rest off the sets. Deadlifts it did not go to plan I was due to have my suit on but with a few issues and moving training around I dos the session without. Despite a fail on my last lift I was pleased with the session. My deadlift is feeling good and fast for a change, next week I will be lifting in my suit for my final session.
My bodyweight is bouncing about and hopefully will be a lot closer by the end off this week ahead, well nothing better than cutting it fine and despite being a bit heavier through the start off the cycle I have dropped some weight without much off an issue.
Anyways hope you guys enjoy the video and feel free to comment on it or anything else I have posted.

Training clips

well I finally got around to posting a clip up in you tube from this week’s training.

I got a new app for the phone making it easier to edit the stuff I have recorded in the gym. The squats this week were up in west mids at their powerlifting club. Great bunch off lads and a unit just for lifting.

Deloaded and focused

Here we are at the end off January and just under a month till the GBPF British championships. Things have gone well and to plan life and work has been busy and there has been a few changes to what I wanted to do this month but in general the training has been great. My excess weight from Christmas has now gone and I am back to a normal daily weight. For some reason I jumped up in weight and hit 80Kgs the main thing for me was I did not feel uncomfortable with the excess flab.
With regards to my training I have hit everything that was planned and this week it was my deload week. This time I dropped right back in weight to under what I would normally go to. The week ahead is the start off my final phase off the build up. The next few weeks I will go into full kit. Despite not being able to make my training I wanted at a few different places like I was planning to do. Work wise it has been busy and time has flown. So the forecast for the best few weeks will be heavy weights and some more cardio to help with my recovery. I can say I have really been enjoying my training over the last few months and I am totally focused towards a good comp and the final phase off my training.

The loan wolf

The loan wolf walks this barren land. Sometimes with a pack and sometimes without. The road to glory takes time and a path that is not always clear at the time. Destiny waits for no one image

Happy New year 2016

Happy 2016 to you all let’s hope you had a good festive season and unlike myself did not put lots off weight on. 

So here’s the plan for the best few weeks up to the British equipped.  My program has more or less run to plan I have had to change a few things around with the festive season being here but on the whole it has been what was planned.  My weights are come up slowly and I have started to introduce some lose kit to help get back into the kitted groove.  I have not gone as heavy this time with my raw stuff but I do feel that it is still as good as it has ever been. The main reason for this would be the date off the British and the time scale between this and the Home nations.

Some off my assistance stuff has changed about, I am starting to feel the benefit off it now after a few weeks into the training cycle. 

So the main plan from here on in is to get back to the dreaded cardio and get my body weight back down to where it should be and manage that part a bit better. Keep to my projected weights per session and stay fully focused. Nothing will be taken for granted this year, since having a slight dip I am now back to  a fe KG’s within my best total. The hopeful outcome will be a few PB’s at the British. Who knows maybe chase some off the records I want so badly. I have looked at my program and feel I have been in my comfort zone a bit too much. So with that in mind I have set goals and a program out that reflect this choice. 

What I have planned is no secret and I am hoping to start to update the blog a bit more regular and maybe even get a few videos off the weeks training uploaded onto my you tube page. 

The Calm before the storm

Well here we are just starting the build up towards the British Equipped. It will be good to get back to a program and focus on the task ahead. I have had a good rethink about some off this years comps and build ups. There was a few things that I had changed and some that need addressing. With my body weight class growing in numbers I can not afford to have any weak links.
With regards to my training there will not be any major changes in the main lifts just my assistance and they will be focused on the bad habits and weak points. Combined with possible a few sessions at some different gyms with some other lifters. Another key factor is my cardio and I have been doing that for a while now not only to keep my weight under control but I do find it helps me with my recovery. My Sponsors NRG Fuel have some off the best supplements out there and I have got my plan on what I need to help with my recovery. So along with some smart training the plan is almost complete.
The build up starts this week and whilst some are winding down because off Christmas I have a target set and need to stay focused.
On another note a big well done to my fellow Brits at the Commonwealth Champs lots off Bling coming back into the country. A Special Well Done to Team Wales have done really well also. Keep it going guys and girls.