Comeback trail

Finally making it back into the gym and starting to get back into a routine. 

So for now the focus will be going into my raw training for a while before I start my European build up. I have been looking at some different things to mix it up a bit. I have got a few ideas and have had a copy off the Blaine summers build up he did for the Arnold Classic this year. Well I figure a man who can do the biggest total in the IPF must have some good ideas. 

There is a good video on YouTube where he talks about raw lifting and equipped. I have not really seen much off his videos but will check them out. In this one he talks about his transition to equipped. 

Anyways for me it was about having some new idea and something to follow for now.  After all I think if I don’t have something set out then I will become lazy with my training. And whilst things are going good right now I want to capitalise on that. Again his ideas are quite basic and that suits me and will be easy for me too follow. 

Again i am going to be keeping an eye on my body weight as that definitely makes a big difference to me. So food prep here we come and I do thing when I do this I actually eat more as well as better. For me I do like picking at food and not always eating right. Kebeb’s and fast food are a easy way to snack and I don’t want to be doing that. 

About Bloody time

Wow well it has been ages since I updated the blog page, sort off fallen out of routine with it, Well things are now back to normal well as normal as it can be I suppose. So what’s happened well let’s see oh yes I WON the World masters Title and then I went all quiet.

So here it is at the Home nations last year I lifted in the Welsh Team and lifter at the 83s for a change as there was no real need to be in the 74s this time. With not having anything planned out It was just see on the day and as it happens the day went well. On the day it was 302Kg Squat 215Kg Bench and a 245Kg deadlift for a 762.5Kg Total, all lifts apart from the Deadlift were Masters 1 British Records and worked out a 10 times bodyweight total also. This was my part in helping the Welsh Team win the Event on home ground. 

There was a small rest period after this then it was time to get back into training towards the British Equipped this year.

Despite not having the best build up towards the British it was surprisingly the best days lifting I have done for a long time. Making bodyweight was easy this time as there is one thing that had gone well and that was maintaining my bodyweight to try to keep close to my weight class.

On the day I was just under with some weight to spare and then it was all systems go. Whilst I was not happy with the build-up for this my main aim was to win and then make my international selection.

When I started to warm up for the days lifting it is fair to say I was feeling good on the day. Having 2 squats in I decided to put on the British Record off 312.5Kgs and as soon as I took the weight out it felt good, making a successful lift and feeling like I could actually squat again was a great start to the comp. Missing my 2nd bench and retaking the 212.5Kg was needed to give me a shot at the Total record I wanted so much. With an easy opener I jumped to 252.5Kg for a go at the total record. Making the lift and giving me a new total record off 777.5Kgs I decided to pass on a third lift. Both the squat and Total had stood for over 3 years by me and it was a long time coming but things are looking good for the year ahead. Finally things are on the up and my static total from the last few years has gone.

As always I am Thankful for my Sponsors and their continual support,  Nrg Fuel and Titan Support Systems have been amazing with the help they have given me. Along with Vice Grip I don’t think I could ask for more

So what is next then, well it has been some rest time before the training starts towards the European Masters later in the year.  I have decided I won’t be going to compete before this comp and this will give me time to get some decent training in and I can work on the bits that I feel like I need to address ahead off the Euros.

Now that things are back to normal my blog will be updated a lot more often like normal and it will soon be back to all guns blazing. Well after all I have both European and World Titles to defend this year.


Video for you guys

Here is the video from the World Masters.

And also check out this one.

Update after the IPF World Masters

Finally got round to updating my blog and  well better late than never i suppose. Firstly it was the first time I have been to Estonia and it is fair to say the whole comp and hotel set up was great. The Estonian federation have run a few comps in the last couple off years and they have all been a great success. Anyway back to the lifting, during this build up there have been a few issues I had to relook at with my training and change a few things around to get back to where I wanted to be. I think on the whole the build up went well and nearly everything I set out to do I did. My body weight has been good since the European’s in July and that was something I wanted to monitor. It was good being 80Kgs sometimes but if I am honest it was way too heavy for me.

On the day off the comp I weighed in a bit lighter then I had expected more so as the day before my weight had jumped up a bit more then I would have liked.

Feeling good in the warm up I knew my squats were finally starting to feel good again and I was confident I could handle a decent weight that day. A comfy opener on 275Kgs set me up for what I thought was going to be a good squat day. My last attempt off 297.5Kg was given and then a few mins later the jury overruled the decision and removed the lift leaving me with a 290kgs on the board. For my main rival he unfortunately was unable to make a successful squat and that left me right at the top providing I made my openers on a he other lifts.

A sensible decision to lower my bench opener to 200Kgs was put in and only making 2 attempts I was still way in the lead off the rivals.

Again my deadlift was dropped and that secured me the win and then it was just a bit off chess trying to get a deadlift medal. Despite failing my second deadlift I managed to get an individual medal on the lift and was happy with the outcome.

For me it was not my best days lifting and whilst I am getting older there are good point I can take from this and move forward to the next comp. getattachmentthumbnail

This was my second IPF Masters World title and that gives me a total off 5 in my lifting career. I would like to say a big Thank you to everyone who supported me and has been there to help me out. The gym boys at Yonkers gym. My sponsors Titan and NRG Fuel. My boss and union for their financial help. My children who accept me for what I am and hopefully are proud for what I have archived, lastly  to my lovely lady Michelle who helps me stay focused on what I am doing and just what I need to do to be the best I can.

Not long now till the World Championships

It has been a while since the blog got update. So far then build up had gone sort off to plan.  Last week was an unexpected deload and the reason for that was a bout off man flu. While I was feeling a bit run down I decided to bring my deload forward and take advantage off the rest up to help my body recover as well as the man flu. 

Now we are into the last phase off the build up I will be focusing more on the main lifts and drop back on some off my assistance that is not really relevant at this point. 

On another note I have been monitoring my bodyweight a bit more in the build up and trying to make sure I am not getting too heavy before the comp. I have started to food prep and whilst I am not cutting anything out or counting calories I am just trying to take a sensible approach towards this worlds. 

For me going to Estonia is a first and I am looking forward to competing in a different county and with a different set up. 

As always I am very Thankful to my sponsors. Titan and NRG Fuel for all their help and support 

European Masters July 2016

Here is my take on the European masters 2016, firstly towards the event my training had really gone to plan and I was happy with the build-up. My only concern was bodyweight as normal. The week leading up to the comp I was a bit heavier than expected but with a few adjustments I was back down in weight come comp day and the morning weigh in. In fact I was lighter than I had expected 73:69Kgs. Been a while since I was that light if I am honest.

Squats well after getting knocked back on my first attempt on depth I had to retake it to make sure off the lift. I then decided to jump 20Kgs and well on the day it was a bit too much. So with 1 lift I managed to get the gold on the squat.

Bench whilst warming up and realising it was not really the day I was expecting I dropped my opener down a bit to make sure there was not any issues on the opener. After 200KgI went to 210Kg and then decided to have a go at the European record off 220:5Kgs. Surprisingly it was a very close miss; in fact the bigger jump than I would have taken normally was very close to being taken to arm’s length. The 210kg was also enough to secure the Gold in the bench.

Moving onto the deadlifts and there was a few things at stake here. Firstly there was a lift to make a total and secure the European title. Then there was a bet with another GB Team member (frosty) and the man with the biggest pull won a bottle off JD.


So here’s the run down 240Kg opener and then a pull at 250Kg won me the bet. It also gave me the Gold deadlift medal on bodyweight.  So for the last deadlift we had to play with the weights to force the Slovakian to pull more than he could. After all he was after the Gold deadlift medal himself. So the end result was me deadlifting 255Kg and my opponent going for 260Kg even when he only needed 257Kg. He failed and for the first time i walked away with the GOLD in the deadlift.

Despite not having the day I wanted I managed a 740Kg total (10 times bodyweight).  So the clean sweep on the GOLDS across the board was a pleasant surprise. Despite not having the day I wanted I won and was also the 3Rd Best Lifter at Masters 1.


As always I would like to say THANK YOU to my sponsors NRG fuel and Titan support systems. Also to Paul at The Gym where I train.

So what’s next well last year I left something in Denver and think this year in Tallinn I need to get it back? It will be back into the gym this week, time to get focused on the World title


GBPF (WPA) Welsh Championships

Here is the low down on how the day went. Weighed in a bit heavier than I had expected at 77:1kgs.  Deciding that this was going to be used as my last week’s heavy training before the Europeans I only opted to take 2 squats and 2 benches. Opening on a 275kg squat and whilst it was not an easy as the opener I wanted but then it was my first squat with the suit straps up since the British equipped in February. I then went to 290kgs for a British masters 1 record and after setting the weight up better i made the squat and it felt much better than the previous one.

Onto the bench again I took 2 lifts and broke the British bench and single lift bench records with a comfortable 205Kgs. As this was going to be my last deadlifting session before the Europeans I took 3 attempts and finished on a comfortable 255kg lift. My deadlift has felt great for some time and in the last build up I have focused more on speed and grip than actual weight being lifted. I did feel there was more in the tank and my grip felt rock solid on the last deadlift so hopefully that will continue moving forward to the Europeans.

So the final total for the day was 750kg and again this was a British masters 1 total record like the squat and bench all at the 83kg class. So what’s next well a few lighter sessions this week before I head off to compete at the European masters?

Some dieting to get back down to the 74s for that comp and hopefully some decent lifting and a tidy total at the end. Well that’s the plan anyways


Welsh Championships

It had been a while since I have updated my blog. 

Well here’s the quick update on what’s happening and what’s gone on. Since the last classic comp it had been back into my kit and focusing on the European Masters. Firstly though I have the Welsh open this weekend in Cardiff. The plan for this is to lift over weight and to go up to my last workout weights there and see how things are going for the Europeans later on in July.  

I think the build-up has gone to plan so far and it is completely different to the last one without kit and lifting classic. My opinion is the equipped side is much more complex and requires more planning on the day. Whilst I enjoy equipped lifting I can see the attraction lifting raw, less pressure and the fact you don’t have to rely on being totally switched on during a comp is a big advantage. 

So if anyone in the Cardiff area wants to pass some time on Sunday pop along to Dave’s gym and check out the lifting. 45 lifters on the day both equipped and classic.

South Midlands Classic May 2016

My biannual classic comp

Well last weekend I competed at the South Midlands classic comp down in Gosport, England. Fair to say it is completely different to lifting equipped and the whole thing seems to be stress free to a certain extent. Lifting wise I will say the build-up had gone great and whilst my upper body strength is not as good as it should be right now I was pleased with the way everything had gone.

On the day I hit a few PB’s on the squat and deadlift. It was a few years ago I held the classic British deadlift record with 243Kgs and this weekend I did 245kgs with relative ease. The squat again was a massive PB for me with 250Kgs. The overall result was 655Kg total @74. Think that puts me in the mix really with the classic lads and whilst I was unable to break any national records there it is good to know my lifts did exceed them. Who knows maybe another raw comp could be on the cards again this time it could be sooner than the last one before this. For me I love lifting equipped and that is my priority.

So what’s next well the European Masters will be here soon and from now on in it is back to kit in prep for that.  So it is back to the gym and time to focus on some equipped lifting in readiness for a title defence.

Also here is the link for the video from last weekend’s lifting.  Kings never die is the music. Sounds good to me guys

Raw Training

It is about time I updated my blog so here goes. Since the British I have been concentrating on the first part off the build up towards the European Masters in July. I have had a rethink about my teaming and just what I wanted to do. In the last 11 weeks I have focused on a full raw build up to this point and decided to leave the kit alone totally on this phase. It has been a very interesting time and whilst I have always done a fair bit off raw stuff I have really been outside my comfort zone with this. Some off you may be aware I hold the classic Squat record with 240Kgs, this was a weight I had worked up to and not really done any reps over 210Kgs in the past. On my program I set out the sets and reps and wanted to stick as closely to it as possible. It is fair to say the outcome was pleasing for me and I finished on a few singles with 240kgs. Similarly with the bench I was pleased with the outcome and whilst my raw bench does not feel as good as it has done in the past I have ended on a few singles with 160Kgs. The deadlift is always a hard one for me to work out as some days it feels great and I honestly feel I can pull everything I set myself to do. I do tend to find that sometimes the main issue with it for me is I work it a bit too hard in the first part off the build-up and become fatigued with the lift. The end of this cycle was a 240Kgs lift and it felt good and was a working lift. Well what’s next ? I am lifting on the 22nd in a local meet to finish off my raw build up and then make the transition back over to my kit in prep for the Euro’s. I am hopes be the raw build up with help when I get back in to kit and give me a good carry over towards this comp. I really need to get back up to the lifts I want and know I am capable of doing and what’s would be better than doing that whilst I defend my European Masters title. I have done a video with the highlights from the last few weeks’ raw stuff and as always feel free to comment